Krasnoyarsk church gets its cross after 100 year wait

Krasnoyarsk, May 20, 2013

Photo: RIA Novosti
Photo: RIA Novosti
On May 17, in the Dormition Monastery in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, a dome cross and a bell were placed on a church which had been designed as early as in 1909 but was built only in 2012, reports RIA Novosti agency.

In 1909, the Architect Leonid Cheryshev designed the stone church for the Dormition Monastery. However, World War I and the 1917 Revolution prevented the building of this Church. The construction of the monastery church was begun only in June 2011. The dome Cross was blessed by Metropolitan Panteleimon of Krasnoyarsk and Achinsk.

"The design was completed with modern technologies taken into account. Today, in spite of strong wind, the cross and bell have been erected. In September, masters from Krasnoyarsk will begin painting inside the Church; this work will take about a year," commented Vladimir Yegorov, head of the company that is building the Church.

"Today's event is a stage of the Monastery's reconstruction and the founding of a historical-cultural centre here," noted also Alexander Uss, the Speaker of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Legislative Assembly and at board of trusties chairman at the monastery.

"It will take a little time, maximum two years, until this site will open in all its beauty and spiritual power for Krasnoyarsk and Siberia," he added.

The Dormition Monastery in Krasnoyarsk, founded on the land donated by the city's community, was opened in May 1879. After almost all its monks had been killed during the civil war, it was closed in 1921. Restoration of the Monastery began only late in the 20th century.

20 мая 2013 г.

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