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May God Give You Wisdom! The Letters of Fr. John Krestiankin. Letters to Laypeople. Part 9

Live for God

Dear C.!

God bless you to finish the education you have started; artists are not only needed in the theatre. But the Lord will determine this in the future. For now, study and make progress, study with love and output, study as an obedience. Do not torment yourself with distracting thoughts.

The main thing is to live for God, for His sake, and do everything to the glory of God. Remember that everywhere and always the most important thing for us is to be Christians in our lives.

May God give you wisdom!

The Lord is one everywhere

Dear in the Lord N. N.!

The Kingdom of God within us ripens irrespective of where we live. The Lord is One everywhere: in Orel, and in Diveyevo. We live in such times that you will also find in Diveyevo things which will confuse and upset you. So, live at home with P., in the God-preserved town of Orel. Do not get too caught up with trains: once a year is fine, but no more. You should work on your soul and not wait until something grows in it that you yourself did not sow.

May God give you wisdom!

God’s blessing is not on your moving. Your longing to move is dictated by spiritual voluptuousness.

Absurd thoughts

E. E.!

I am just flabbergasted to hear and read what you have written. You should first at least acquaint yourself with the Orthodox catechism, and take a better look at yourself; I am sure that you will come to the only correct conclusion: you yourself need to learn to live as a Christian.

Just look at what absurd thoughts visit your head. You have a wife blessed by God, even a sick child in her arms, and yet you talk about monasticism. Without any awareness of the essence of Christianity, you play with thoughts about priesthood.

Well, why shouldn’t you become a pianist, a surgeon, or an artist? Your answer: you would need to study. But in your opinion study is not necessary in order to teach others the science of sciences: spiritual life? So think about yourself a little deeper.

09 / 03 / 2007

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