Abbess murdered in Belorussia

Minsk, January 6, 2017


On the night of January 5, the abbess of the Monastery of St. Xenia (in the Borisovo region of Minsk province, Belorus) Mother Vasilisa (Medved) was murdered, reports

The press secretary of the Belorussian exarchate (of the Russian Orthodox Church) Fr. Sergei Lepin commented on the incident, “I can confirm that Matushka Vasilisa was murdered. Mostly likely, the attacker was one of the [psychologically] ill residents, of which there are many in the monastery.” The local law enforcement agencies confirmed this fact, but have not released details.

“We are in great sorrow, such sorrow on the eve of the feast. Matushka was killed that night. I can’t say anything more,” one nun from the convent told the Sputnik news agency over the telephone. In her words, the law enforcement agencies are at work in the monastery and the assailant has been arrested. Later reports have determined that the mentally ill woman was a citizen of Belorus, but was originally from Kazakhstan.

Abbess Vasilisa (Medved) was born March 10, 1949 in the Ukraine. After graduating from the department of history of the Chernigov Institute for Educational Studies, she became a schoolteacher. She was a parishioner of the Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral in the Belorussian capital, and after receiving an education with the St. Elizabeth sisterhood she became a sister of mercy. In 2001 she became a novice at the St. Elizabeth Convent. In 2002, at the blessing of Metropolitan Philaret of Minsk and Slutzk, she became the abbess of the St. Xenia Convent in the village of Baran, outside of Minsk.


7 января 2017 г.

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Храм Новомученников Церкви Русской. Внести лепту
Chaim Y. Levi20 февраля 2017, 23:00
Maybe is a muslim from Kazakhstan! They are the servants of the antichrist and want to destroy the righteous...
Majlinda Stoia15 февраля 2017, 23:00
Memory Eternal
Guillaume11 января 2017, 11:00
Mйmoires йternelles. Quelle repose dans la lumiиre du Christ.
Barbara11 января 2017, 10:00
Memory Eternal.Lord have Mercy.
Pater Pavlos10 января 2017, 12:00
May God rest her soul. May God heal many through her prayers.
Sally Iloff 9 января 2017, 21:00
God bless her ashes!
Alfred 9 января 2017, 04:00
God will have her soul
Matushka Elizabeth 9 января 2017, 04:00
Memory Eternal. We recently hosted(in the US) a sister from the main convent - what magnificent work thousands of lay people are doing to serve those in need.
Кирилло Александров 9 января 2017, 04:00
May her memory be eternal. Rest in peace.
Bee 9 января 2017, 04:00
It sounds to me as if now the monasteries are being infiltrated by Muslims posing as those interested in monastic life. Please, be wary of individuals who may be wolves in sheep's attire.
Lenore Arbaugh 8 января 2017, 23:00
Eternal Light shine upon her! I am Catholic, but so love the Orthodox.
Renee 8 января 2017, 22:00
Lord have mercy and her memory be eternal...amen
Gabriella 8 января 2017, 18:00
Lord have mercy. Memory Eternal.
Thomas Tadros 8 января 2017, 14:00
Memory Eternal
Edmond 8 января 2017, 09:00
God Bless her Soul
S Hodges 8 января 2017, 08:00
Community resources for the mentally ill are scarce in the US, patient rights trump common sense, and involuntary treatment is non existent outside the criminal justice system. Mother Vasilisa worked in Belarus, but God bless her for working with the mentally ill.
Vivian 8 января 2017, 06:00
May her memory be erernak
Ann South 8 января 2017, 05:00
Memory Eternal, Mother. May your kindness and love be always remembered.
Unworthy Michael 8 января 2017, 03:00
May her memory be eternal!
Caliope Kamenos 8 января 2017, 02:00
Truly an unbelievable tragedy! May her memory be eternal
Tisha Dunham 7 января 2017, 23:00
Memory Eternal.
Constantine Menoutis 7 января 2017, 22:00
May The lord carry her into our eternal father's arms in heaven
Joanna 7 января 2017, 20:00
My hear breaks for the death of this holy person who devoted herself to God May her soul rest in peace and her memory be eternal
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