Rev. Petroniu Tănase Was Buried At Prodromu Skete

February 26, 2011

Father Petroniu Tănase, who spent his last 33 years of life at Prodromu Skete at Mount Athos, and the last 25 as abbot of this Romanian settlement at the Holy Mount depending on the Great Lavra Monastery, was buried today in the skete cemetery. His Grace Bishop Hrisostom celebrated the burial service in the big church of Prodromu Romanian skete according to the tradition of the Holy Mount Athos.

The Romanian Patriarchate was represented by a delegation headed by Rev. Archimandrite Timotei Aioanei, great eclessiarch of the Patriarchal Cathedral and cultural exarch of the Archdiocese of Bucharest. Fr. Timotei announced to Trinitas Radio station: “The funeral service began at 14:15 and ended at 17:30. Close to fifty hieromonks, priests and deacons served, with His Grace Chrysostom presiding. Bishop Chrysostom, former head of the Athonite School of Theology of Athoniada is a hierarch in residence at the Great Lavra Monastery. Also present were priests representing His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel, who arrived at the Holy Mount to attend the funeral.... Many Romanians who were on a pilgrimage to Mount Athos came to pray together with the monks from Prodromu, and monks the other Romanian monastic settlements spread all over Mount Athos, on this day when we hope his soul raised to the One whom he served constantly, with much piety, fear of God and love for all those whom he met.”

Father Protosingelos Petroniu Tănase passed away on February 22, 2011, aged 94. He was born in Fărcaşa locality, county of Neamţ. He joined Neamţ Monastery, where he became a monk on September 22, 1942. From Neamţ, he was called to Antim Monastery of Bucharest, where he continued his intellectual formation, graduating the Faculty of Orthodox Theology, and attending courses of mathematics and philosophy. In 1947, he was ordained hieromonk for the Patriarchal Cathedral, and then sent to teach homiletics, catechetics and pedagogy at the Monastic Seminary of Neamţ Monastery. A hard period for the missionary monk began with the onset of the totalitarian regime, and he was forced to leave Neamţ Monastery in 1959. It was with much courage and zeal for the Church Christ, our Saviour, and the same never ending love for the monastic life that he retired to the community of Sihăstria Monastery in 1964, where he lived till 1978, when he left for the Romanian Skete of Prodromu of the Holy Mount Athos. The monks of Prodromu elected Fr. Petroniu to be their abbot seven years after his arrival there

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26 февраля 2011 г.

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