Veritas: 663 Serb victims identified

Belgrade, April 19, 2012

The Veritas Documentation and Information Centre has released that a total of 663 victims of Serb nationality have been identified so far, out of 1,049 remains exhumed from mass and individual graves on the territory of Croatia in the past 11 years.

The Department of Forensic Medicine and Criminalistics of the University of Zagreb School of Medicine identified Thursday the remains of 21 persons of Serb nationality killed, said Veritas.

The latest identification of the Serbs killed in Lika, Dalmacija, Kordun, Banija, western and eastern Slavonia in the period 1991-1995 was carried out in the presence of family members.

Veritas's list includes another 2,026 Serbs who went missing during the war on the territory of Croatia and the former Republic of Serb Krajina, with 1,362 civilians, among whom were 539 women.

The NGO has reliable information about the existence of another 544 registered graves in Croatia with identified remains of Serbs, which still have not been exhumed solely because of obstruction by the Croatian party, the statement reads.


20 апреля 2012 г.

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