Rebuilding Of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Moves Forward

New-York, April 27, 2012

The old St. Nicholas Church – New York
The old St. Nicholas Church – New York
September 11, 2001, the Twin Towers weren’t the only structures destroyed. The St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was also erased from Manhattan when the World Trade Center collapsed on it.

Now, the effort to rebuild it is moving ahead, WCBS 880′s John Metaxas reports.

“We have a plan and we’re moving forward,” U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-Manhattan) told Metaxas on Tuesday.

Maloney said the rebuilding of the church, after a decade of delays, finally appears to be on track.

The hope is that construction can begin next year with the church completed in time for its 100th anniversary in 2016, Metaxas reported.

“It’s not only the church, but it’s a space. It’s 4,500 square feet. It will be a beautiful park,” Maloney said.

“To rebuild it to its glory where people can pray, remember, become inspired and go forward, It’s tremendously important,” said Maloney. “This will be open to all denominations to come and pray. The Port Authority believes that 250,000 people a day will visit this church.”

Church leaders said that, so far, they have raised $4 million of the estimated $20 million needed for the project.

If you would like to donate, send a check payable to St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, P.O. Box 340968, Brooklyn, New York 11234.


27 апреля 2012 г.

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