St. George Orthodox Military Association Inaugurates Catechetical Program

May 30, 2012

The Saint George Orthodox Military Association (SGOMA) has announced the inauguration of the Saint George Catechetical Program. Interested individuals can now support the troops and sailors of the Armed Forces with the gift of carefully selected Orthodox books. Notes the SGOMA website, "It has been a slow and long process but SGOMA has been developing a Catechetical Program for our military to teach our Orthodox Christians the Holy Faith in more detail...this is also a program for inquirers to use to learn the Holy Faith."

In coordination with Light & Life Publishing, SGOMA has assembled two small "libraries"of books which can be donated through the Catechetical Program. The soldiers' and sailors' names have been compiled and approved by Saint George Orthodox Military Association, and SGOMA will be match each "library" to an appropriate recipient. Light & Life will then ship the books to wherever the military member may be serving, either in the United States or overseas.

The Level One Library includes:

The Orthodox Church,

Orthodox Catechism (4 volume set)

A Beginners Guide to Prayer

A Beginners Guide to Spirituality

Am I saved? An Orthodox Interpretation

Pocket Prayer Book

The Level Two Library includes:

Achieving Your Potential In Christ

The Apostolic Fathers

Defeating Sin

The Great Martyr George

How To Read Your Bible

Light Through Darkness

Breaking The Chain of Addictions

To order a library to donate to a member of the military through SGOMA, visit the Support Our Troops page at Light & Life Publishing.

30 мая 2012 г.

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