Over $1.5 million spent to defend radical Islamist in England in case vs. that country’s government.

London, November 8, 2012

Abu Hamza al-Masri, radical Islamist / Photo: nndb.com
Abu Hamza al-Masri, radical Islamist / Photo: nndb.com
The Ministry of Justice of Great Britain ha sstarted a review of public funds allocated to the legal aid for Abu Hamzaal-Masri—a radical Islamist who is suspected of terrorism, reports Lenta.ru.

According to the publication, the British government has allocated almost a million pounds to Abu Hamza for attorneys' fees and court costs during the eight yearsof litigation. Furthermore, it was a case of the Islamist against the UK government, which was seeking his extradition to the United States. The total expenditure on the AbuHama’slegal aid has reached 909,423 pounds and 70 pence.

The Minister of Justice Chris Grayling said that the right to the legal costs coverage is "a fundamental part of our justice system, but our resources are not unlimited". According to him, the money should be allocated to those who really need them.

It should be mentioned that Abu Hamza is not poor by any means. In 2006 while in prison he bought a luxury flat in the suburbs of London, which then cost him 220,000 pounds.The “preacher” made ​​a good living spreading his sermons in which he instigated for the organization of terrorist attacks and murder of infidels.

In addition, in 1995 Abu Hamza’s wife received free"public housing" in the fashionable area of​​ west London. The value of the five bedroom house is roughly estimated at one million pounds sterling. The authorities of the area where Najat Hamza settled with two children asked her to leave the premises as three people are too few for such alarge house. Furthermore, it was found that more than 10,000 Londoners are in a desperate need of municipal housing in this area.

However, according to the newspaper, it will be very difficultto evict the Islamist’s wife from thehouse as she may suethe authorities, and the litigation is likely to go on forever.

Abu Hamza, who is suspected of being connected to terrorists, planning kidnappings, inciting religious hatred and establishing training camps for militants, was extradited to theUnited States in October 2012.The litigation between the British authorities and the radical has lasted for eight years. Abu Hamza did not want to leave the United Kingdom.

9 ноября 2012 г.

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