Syrian Christians choosing between two bitter cups

Damascus, April 16, 2013

Maronite Catholic Archbishop of Damascus Samir Nassar said in his interview with the Fides information agency that Christians in Syria "have to choose between two bitter cups: to die or to leave", reports

Syrians who "saw that the UN has been organizing since 2005 the systematic departure of Iraqi refugees to the West", now note "indifference in the World and silence before their long, grievous trial". "They are abandoned by all and doomed to death, having no chance to flee," states Maronite Hierarch.

"If we suggest them to stay, it may lead to their death just as a dumb lamb dies from hands of a butcher," said Archbishop Nassar. "Our martyrdom is just becoming more protracted," notes the Prelate.

On the other hand, "To help them means to provide all the resources necessary to free the Biblical lands from the presence of their last Christians," concluded the Archbishop.

16 апреля 2013 г.

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