School administration in Italy removes Crucifix from the classroom

Bologna, October 20, 2013

Another row has flared up in the Italian town of Bologna concerning the presence of religious symbols in schools. The Bombicci school administration has decided to remove a Crucifix from the classroom of the eleventh form "for the sake of pluralism", reports Sedmitza. ru.

As no "joint protest" followed from the parents, the head-mistress Rafaela Conti has assumed responsibility for ordering the removal of the Christian symbol.

She has given a legal justification for her actions, referring to the fact that the 1928 law regarding placement of crucifixes in school classrooms of does not apply to the Bombicci school due to the autonomy that was given to it.

The judgment of the European Court of Human Rights of March 18, 2011, according to which the presence of crucifixes in classrooms of Italian state schools does not violate the parents' right to education or upbringing of their children in accordance with their beliefs and the right of a student to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, is obviously of no importance to the head-mistress.

23 октября 2013 г.

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