Mortar fallen near a church in the Lugansk region did not explode

Alexandrovsk (Oliksandrivsk, the Ukraine), July 16, 2014


“Fighting around the town of Alexandrovsk has continued for several days,” reports the website of the Ascension Cathedral in the Alexandrovsk Deanery of the Lugansk Diocese:

“On July 13, several shells were launched through the town towards the church. One of them exploded near the Pansky (“Landlord’s”, or “Master’s”) garden and only its shrapnel flew on the territory of the church, while two other shells that fell near the church did not explode!

Covered with branches, they await sappers.

The church parishioners and all residents of Alexandrovsk thank God for His great mercy.”

The Lord protected the shrine of the Lugansk region.

16 июля 2014 г.

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