UNESCO's decision on the Kremlin monasteries not yet received, the Federal Protective Service of Russia says

Moscow, June 3, 2015

In 2014 the Russian Federation’s President Vladimir Putin proposed to examine a possibility of restoration of the Chudov Monastery and the Ascension Convent that was blown up in 1929-1930 – later on their site the administrative “Building 14” appeared, reports TASS.


Moscow has not yet received a UNESCO decision regarding a possible restoration of the Chudov Monastery and the Ascension Convent on the territory of the Moscow’s Kremlin, reported on Tuesday official representative of the Federal Protective Service, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Sergei Devyatov to the journalists.

“As far as I know, UNESCO experts visited the Kremlin in December 2014, but no distinct resolution has been made yet,” he said, launching the book, The Moscow Kremlin, the Monuments and Shrines. S. Devyatov has stressed that the Moscow Kremlin is under the protection of UNESCO, so any reconstructions on its territory require negotiations.

“The following question is currently being resolved: whether “the Building 14” is to remain within the Kremlin or the monastery and convent are to be restored,” noted the Federal Protective Service’s representative.

According to TASS, in his new monograph S. Devyatov relates the history of these monastic communities in detail and for the first time publishes their photographs and layout plans.

Devyatov, referring to the researches’ results, noted that “a half of the areas of the monasteries are currently in the same condition as they were at the time of explosions.” This refers to the underground churches and other monastic buildings. He has admitted that the surviving archives contain relatively little materials on the monastery and convent. “But the archive search is progressing very actively,” he accentuated.

4 июня 2015 г.

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