Church of Christ the Saviour in Kosovo again desecrated

Pristina, June 24, 2014


The Church of Christ the Saviour in Pristina has been desecrated again. This time the Albanian female singer Era Istrefi from Kosovo has filmed a video for her song, «E dehun», where she is dancing half-naked inside the uncompleted church. According to the Diocese of Raska and Prizren, several more people appear in the video together with her, “who, performing an extremely demonic and blasphemous choreography, are too dancing half-naked inside the church”.

“Unfortunately, this fact indicates once more what a miserable state this Orthodox church is in; especially in recent months it has been attacked by a number of Albanian politicians and media, all of whom are openly calling to destroy it or even to convert it into the UCK (Kosovo Liberation Army) museum,” reads the diocese’s statement of June 24.

Construction of the Church of Christ the Saviour was begun in 1990 by then Bishop of Raska and Prizren Pavle, who later became Patriarch of Serbia. Work in the church was interrupted in 1999 with the escalation of the military conflict and NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, reports the Kosovo Diary portal.

The church was attacked more than once and there were several attempts to blow it up. With no security provided by either local authorities or the KFOR contingent, the church is still used as a public toilet. This fact, in the clergy’s view, “is a symbol of the tragic situation in the sphere of religious and human freedoms on the territory of Kosovo and Metohija”.

Expressing its protest, the diocese has already not for the first time appealed to representatives of international organizations and the local Kosovo authorities, calling upon them to provide the church with security and to protect it from desecration as well as to give an opportunity to complete its construction, which will indicate that there still is space for Serbs and the Serbian Orthodox Church in Pristina and Kosovo and Metohija.

The current prime minister of Kosovo Hashim Thaci has lately called the uncompleted church “an awful piece of work”, while one of Kosovo ministers has suggested demolishing it.

29 июня 2014 г.

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favour21 октября 2014, 10:00
please I intend traveling to Kosovo this week for a football trial. is it safe for me to embark on this journey.. thanks
Zophia 6 июля 2014, 22:00
I hope the international community will do something about this. There is enough money to get it done; more general publicity is needed, as Kosovo is not big in the minds of Anmericans; it is not widely known in W Europe and it's hardly heard of in Asia. A much wider campaign is needed to draw attention to this. Even some Orthodox in Australia might try to get together and send some assistance. Is there a reliable building committee and a safe bank account? Maybe some volunteers from Medjugorje would take a look at it. It needs a proper engineering assessment and quotations to finish the work.May God prosper this soon!
Sophia 1 июля 2014, 21:00
About 6 months ago, Rhianna was photographed (completely covered up for once) outside the Grand mosque in UAE and there was such a furore over that, she was asked by officials to leave. But, ofcourse, a Christian church can be desecrated and nothing happens, this double standard has got to stop, more Christians and non Christians alike should be aware of these double standards.
Mary Alexandrovich30 июня 2014, 23:00
OH MY GOD!! Why is my birth country suffering so MUCH?!! St. Nikolai Velimirovich of Ohrit-Zica, and all our holy martirs please, pray for our home land and ask our good Lord to intervene and protect it from all evil!! Mary Alexandrovich
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