Support the shipment of humanitarian aid to Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, October 3, 2014

If we were to define misery, we would hardly find the words. But if we have a look at what’s happening in Africa, then we can see misery appearing in all its splendor. Pictures from Sierra Leone are shocking; thousands of people are stacked on top of each other in hospitals, waiting patiently for their agonizing death, not even knowing if they’re dying of Ebola or hunger. They just die. This is the face of misery on this earth. But the real face of misery we will all meet on the Day of Judgment, if we keep on being indifferent and doing nothing and adopt the rich young man’s attitude, ensconced in the multitude of our goods, riches and comforts.

Love for the people of Sierra Leone who are suffering from the deadly epidemic turns into practice and ministry. After giving financial aid, now our Fraternity is going to send a container of humanitarian aid on October 19. We urge all of you, our friends and partners, to contribute to this shipment by offering long-term food.

For any information, please contact our warehouse in Philyron, Thessaloniki, Greece. Tel. +30 231 067 8931

3 октября 2014 г.

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