The reason of Ukrainian conflict in degradation of ruling elites – Ukrainian Church

Moscow, May 7, 2015

Head of the Moscow Patriarchate's Ukrainian Orthodox Church press service Vasily Anisimov criticizes Ukrainian authorities.

"I think the reason (of the developing military conflict in Ukraine - IF) is in spiritual and moral degradation of the ruling elite, when bloodshed, violation of civil rights and freedoms, censure, lie, violence, even cruel political murders in the center of the capital during the day cause neither disgust nor abhorrence," Anisimov says in his interview posted by theRadonezh Orthodox society website.

He believes that people feel comfortable in such atmosphere.

"We see even malicious joy, 'delight of the fascist pressure' as great Kiev resident Yunna Morits wrote. It is s kind of condition characteristic of people before the Flood when they do not tell good from evil or do not want to make an effort to tell it. I believe it is such a moral reason," the UOC official says.

According to him, there is also a political reason as 'the party of war is afraid of peace most of all: everyone will count wounds and ask what was the reason for destroying and covering with blood the part of the country and devastating the other part of it.'

"So our way to peace is not simple: two steps forward, one step back," Anisimov resumed.

7 мая 2015 г.

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