Venice Authorities displeased with measures taken by the Diocese to prevent destruction of the St. Mark Cathedral

Venice, July 5, 2013

The authorities of Venice have asked the local Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church to remove the turnstile at the entrance of St. Mark Cathedral—the city's Cathedral Church.

In view of the Administration for Art and Culture of the municipal government of Venice, which put its statement in the local daily newspaper Gazzettino (cited by the ANSA agency), the turnstile that was placed in order to limit the number of people who tread upon the ancient mosaics on the floor and destroy them is an incorrect approach.

The municipal government's architectural service has also criticized a great number of large, rubber mats laid over the Byzantine mosaics of the Cathedral's floors, which, according to the experts, may cause a high level of humidity that is harmful not only for the floors but also for wall mosaics of the Cathedral.

However, the Administration for Art and Culture of the municipal government of Venice proposes no alternative to the Diocesan leadership's actions other than collecting an entrance fee of 1 euro. The officials from the architectural service believe, however, that this measure can be taken, provided no other ways to stop the process of destruction of the ancient Church are found.

The administration has not specified how the entrance fee will preserve the Cathedral. Neither have the officials specified whether the fee of 1 euro is to stop greedy tourists or to be collected for the Cathedral’s restoration.

6 июля 2013 г.

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