New Jersey Church Offers Education Program For Orthodox Christians

Carteret, NJ, September 26, 2011

A local church is offering a new educational program for Orthodox Christians beginning next month.

“The WAY – An Introductory Course in Orthodox Christianity”, created by the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge, England will be presented by St. Demetrius Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Carteret.

The WAY builds on the understanding of social dynamics and the importance of human relations in transmitting the faith as shown in other courses. However, its understanding of key issues is Eastern Orthodox, its emphasis is sacramental, and it integrates teaching with worship. All the initial talks were vetted by Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia (Fr. Timothy Ware) and ongoing revisions and expansions have been scrutinized by him.

This is internationally acclaimed and has been presented since 2004 in London and several countries to positive reviews. It has been enjoyed by those of all ages and attainments, people with considerable Christian knowledge or very little, those from a variety of racial backgrounds, by Orthodox wanting to better understand their faith, by other Christians seeking to know more, and by those of goodwill who have a curiosity as to what Eastern Orthodox Christians believe.

Protopresbyter Dr. Taras Chubenko, Vice Chancellor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of USA and the cathedral’s pastor said, “This course is far more than old-style memorization of catechism; it will be a great way for anyone to gain an understanding of the basic tenets of Eastern Orthodoxy and grow their knowledge of the faith.”

This ten-week course will be held on Tuesday evenings from Oct. 11 to Dec. 20. It includes dinner, a pre-recorded presentation, group discussion, a question-and-answer with expert panel, and the opportunity for fellowship with other students.

The course aims to present the basics of Orthodox Christian faith in an atmosphere of friendship, free exchange and trust, where no question treated as foolish or unworthy of attention. “The course format allows the opportunity to share experiences and different perspectives,” said Father Deacon James Cairns.

Attendees will tackle weekly discussion topics such as The Search for Faith, What on Earth is the Church? Isn’t God Enough? and Living the Faith: The Holy Mysteries.

Those interested in the course can download the registration form from the St. Demetrius Cathedral website ( or call 1-732-541-1530 to request a copy. The 10-week course fee is $40 which includes 10 dinners and course materials. Registration is required as places are limited.


27 сентября 2011 г.

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