Russian Church Replaces Rome as the Center of Christianity?

The broken window of Saidnaya Monstery. 2012. The broken window of Saidnaya Monstery. 2012.

At no time in history has the persecution of Christians been as intense and widespread as it is now.

Christians in the Middle East are in dire need of a champion, which, in today’s world can only be a great power, and it is Russia that has taken on that responsibility.

With its secular ideology, the West can no longer protect Christian interests in the world as it did for centuries. Although the USA has a higher percentage of church goers than other Western countries, it underestimates the importance of religion in the countries it targets for regime change. Turning a blind eye to beheadings, child rape and other atrocities, it has created a hell on earth for Christians all over the Middle East. And with the Arab Spring, things went from bad to worse, as ISIS’ success in Iraq inspired similar groups. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Boko Haram in Nigeria and Al-Shabaab in Somalia are all committing atrocities against Christians.


Obsessed by its Constitution, the US assumes that it can impose the separation of church and state on a world where cultural and religious traditions run deep. Its failure to realize that these traditions contribute to a rejection of Western-style democracy, and similarly, to notice the spiritual dimension of Vladimir Putin’s foreign policy, including his standing among persecuted Christians, gives Russia a decisive advantage.

Vladimir Putin knows that modernity’s separation of politics from religion inspires many across the globe to return to their religious roots. In February 2012, he made a solemn vow to the Russian Orthodox Church to protect persecuted Christians all over the world, a commitment that has even caught the attention of America’s powerful Evangelicals.

Writing on the streets of Damascus: “Thank you Russia.” Writing on the streets of Damascus: “Thank you Russia.”

Syrian Christians are thrilled and grateful for Russia’s decisive response to the slaughter they have endured for more than four years. But to understand the true significance of this initiative, you have to know that aside from Russia, Georgia and Armenia, there are Orthodox communities in fifteen European and near Eastern countries for whom Putin is increasingly looking like a 21st Century Constantine.

That 4th century Roman emperor converted to Christianity, put an end to the persecutions Christians had suffered under his predecessors. and granted the Church privileges that allowed it to become a worldwide power. Notwithstanding the electrifying presence of Pope Francis, in future we could see the Eastern Church replace Rome as the center of Christianity.

This will happen without the help of the media. Incapable of imagining the spiritual development that has taken place in Russia since the demise of Communism, it portrays Putin’s assertions of faith as geopolitical opportunism. Yet in his autobiography “First Person”, published in 2000, the Russian President declared that the first line in every Russian law should refer to moral values. He wants Russia to be as aware of its spiritual heritage as it is of its political and geographical position.

President Putin is convinced that spirituality has a profound effect on the way a culture develops, providing an indispensable moral compass that goes deeper than passing political expediency and secular “freedom”.

As increasing numbers of Christians across the spectrum turn toward Russia, its global influence can only grow.

12 января 2016 г.

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Храм Новомученников Церкви Русской. Внести лепту
J.M. Burnham30 сентября 2016, 15:00
What's clear to me is that Papism is rotten to its core and is dying. It has been dying, albeit, a very slow death, since the Great Schism. The rotten fruit of Papism is the current state of Roman Catholicism and the grossly secular Europe of today's era. Orthodoxy is the West's last and only hope.
Gunnar25 апреля 2016, 01:00
"By their fruits yee shall know them..." As an Orthodox believer, I cannot help but notice how we seem to have suddenly arrived in the times that were foretold. It is no longer a matter of difficulty in deciding who is speaking the truth or who is right or wrong. On the one hand, the West, its "Churches" and in particular the "Pope" display their total depravity in broad daylight for all to see. They don't even attempt to hide or disguise their completely perverted and chaotic world views. Imagine a supposed leader of world Christianity taking representatives of the enemies and persecutors of Christians in the Middle East into the Vatican and providing shelter, while belittling and doing little or nothing for suffering Christians victims of Muslim violence! The Lutherans, Anglicans and other "Christians" in their "churches" have done nothing to help suffering christians and like the above example, they have bowed down before the very oppressors or Christians and destroyers of the original artifacts of Christianity in the Middle East. Who are these people really, if not servants of the devil dressed as clergy? Only Orthodoxy and in particular the Russian Orthodox Church have stood firm in Christianity and morality. Nowadays, this fact is out in broad daylight for anyone, even the most confused, to see! "By their fruits, yee shall know them..."
Sally Iloff 2 февраля 2016, 05:00
I am always curious how many profanity people can write to justify personal guilt concerning the Orthodox Church?! Once one devil servant and one strange Pope discussed that after beating Communism the next important for the West ideology is to beat the Orthodox Church. Today the devil followers continue to straggle righting the Orthodox Church across the world. The statue of this strange Pope recently was removed from a public square in North Secular France. No more comments. Bringing everything other to this picture is form of justification and rationalizations what the secular psychology identifies as conflict of unconscious with reality!
Rob 22 января 2016, 18:00
The secular West is not just post-Christian (as it proudly proclaims itself) it hates, despises and ridicules Christians. All of us look to Russia and to Putin as a beacon of hope. All of us feel a deep shame for the actions of the strange elites who forced this crazy world upon us. I can see a time in the not too distant future when Russia will have to open her arms to all the beleaguered Christians of the world. Long live Putin! Rob
Matthew Gray14 января 2016, 18:00
Most of my Christian friends here in the United States look up to Putin and think he has the real balls to save Christians in the Middle East while the evangelicals in American only want to save Israel.... Many Many Years Putin....
ChiRho13 января 2016, 23:00
If you will take the word of a stranger. . . While many do not notice or care, still many in the West are noticing the good Putin and Russia have been doing for the Russian people and for persecuted Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere, despite the Media bias against him and Russia. And trust me, MANY more people in the West do not like or trust the Media anymore. There are also Westerners finding Orthodoxy as well, strange as it may seem. And I mean finding Orthodoxy on their own (or rather, without being first solicited by other people). Westerners are seeking out the Orthodox Church and converting. As a Western Christian saying goes, "the Lord works in mysterious ways." Be encouraged Eastern friends.
bobby13 января 2016, 14:00
Thank You, Russia! Thank You V. Putin!
Ksenia13 января 2016, 12:00
Leviathian was a film catering to liberal tastes so that it might have a chance at Cannes. It is not representative of the whole picture in Russia by any means. In fact, it could be looked at as an insult to those who labor selflessly in the Church to help people in need, and wealthy Christians who give so generously. Perhaps there could be more help, but that is true everywhere.
Edward13 января 2016, 12:00
Theresa, with all due respect to the memory of those who have died in this fratracidal war, your comment is very one-sided and misleading. There is no ethnic cleansing happening in Ukraine--yet. But if the neo-Nazi Right Sector has its way, there will be. But this has nothing to do with Putin and everything to do with the current Ukrainian government.
Michael Woerl13 января 2016, 03:00
"At no time in history has the persecution of Christians been so intense and widespread as it is now." As widespread, you're probably correct. As intense, I would have to disagree. I think that "distinction" belongs to the God-hating bolsheviki of the Soviet Union ...
cherif AMIR13 января 2016, 02:00
Hello Im orthodox and proud of my faith. I'm delighted to read this article. I have a website by the name: in three languages (English, French and Arabic) I would like to ask your permission to publish this article and of course I will refer to your website and the web address and I will write a special thanks if you grant me the permission. May God bless you Cherif AMIR PhD in geopolitics of the Impact of religious convictions on the conflicts of the Middle-East Author of the book "Histoire secrиte des Frиres musulmans" February, 2015 Editions Ellipses, Paris- France
Meri Arni-Kauttu12 января 2016, 20:00
Dear Sir, In my opinion Russia way of life is very divided: on the other hand the spiritual beauty of the Orthodox Church and the nasty reality of everyday life. The great gap between enormous rich people with no borders and limits and people living both in physical as spiritual poverty is a great challenge to moral way of life in general.The western ideals and materialistic way can be seen everywhere in the streets and shops i Russia. For me the Russia of Dostojevski and the Holy Church are real alternatives to the death of soul in west But this Death can also be seen i Russia as money and capitalism play a crucial part in the life of people.Nowadays You must be strong to keep up the faith in Russia. I was very chocked after I had seen the film "Leviathan" last Spring. The eternal Truth which is represented by Church must lead the Church to defend all poor and desperate people with love forwards. And demand those strong, rich people to become merciful and grow in repentance.With respect and deepest love towards the Orthodox Church in Russia
Theresa Retzloff12 января 2016, 20:00
Really! Have you forgotten Ukraine and the thousands of "Christians" Putin's army "killed" in ethnic cleansing? With his blessing!
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