George Soros funds Greek opposition

Athens, February 26, 2013

There has been a sweeping reaction to publication by the authoritative German business weekly WirtschaftsWoche, according to А

The editorial article states that the American multi-millionaire and investor George Soros is funding the second most popular political party in Greece, SYRIZA. According to Wirtschaftswoche, the American financier helped arrange the visit of SYRIZA’s left-wing radical coalition leader Alexis Cipras to the USA, during which the Greek politician became acquainted with influential representatives of American political "establishment". There Cipras received from them a distinct “go ahead” to “rule”.

German journalists suppose that Soros wants to use Cipras’s party to bring pressure on Germany. The SYRIZA coalition has for long time been famous for its anti-German rhetoric; and the speech of the SYRIZA delegation in the USA was full of severe criticism of Angela Merkel’s policy.

"Why is Soros funding such anti-capitalist instigators like Cipras with his tirades against Germany? No one talks aloud about this out of fear before the powerful billionaire. But one manager confidentially supposed that, "Soros wants to revenge against Germany."

People close to family circles note that Soros has a "love-hate relationship to Germany. He has personal interests concerning development of events in Europe and Germany," state German journalists.

However, some Greek analysts see in Soros' interest in Greek left-wing radicals another hidden motive. SYRIZA has been actively collaborating for long time with nongovernmental organizations in Greece, funded by Soros. The coalition of left-wing radicals actively supports sexual, ethnic and religious minorities. Many call the policy of this party anti-national as its leaders deny the genocide of Greeks in Asia Minor and stand for territorial concessions for Greece’s neighbors. The SYRIZA coalition is a consistent opponent of preserving the Church's influence on Greek society. It supports the removal of chaplains from the army, opposes the funding of priests' salaries from the state budget, and demands full separation of the Church from the state.

28 февраля 2013 г.

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