Body of Georgian priest killed in fire on Norman Atlantic ferry taken to Georgia

Tbilisi, January 19, 2015

The body of Archimandrite Ilia Kartozia, who was killed in the fire on the ferry Norman Atlantic in the Adriatic Sea, was taken from Italy to Georgia.

Clergymen, his parishioners and relatives met the priest's body at the airport, the Georgian media have reported.

Archimandrite Ilia Kartozia will be buried on the territory of the David Agmashenebeli Monastery in Mtskheta, where he was father superior, on January 20.

According to earlier reports, Archimandrite Ilia Kartozia was among the passengers of the ferry. Eyewitnesses said the priest could have left the ferry, but decided to stay there until all passengers were evacuated.

21 января 2015 г.

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Evangelia Natsiopoulou17 февраля 2015, 18:00
My name is Evangelia Natsiopoulou and my husband's name is Evangelos Tsoukis and we are from Greece. We are survivors of Norman Atlantic. We were together with father Kartozia in the life boat about three hours and we saw how he helped two women to climb the ladder to the commercial vessel "Spirit of Pireaus". We are the last persons who helped to climb the ladder and we own him our lives, because if he wasn't him probably we were dead. After he tried to climb but unfortunately he didn't make it. He was such a good priest and we hope that he rests in peace!
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