New Book: St. Gregory Palamas' Apodictic Treatise on The Procession of The Holy Spirit, Available From Uncut Mountain Press

A new book, Apodictic Treatise on The Procession of The Holy Spirit, by the incomprable St. Gregory Palamas is now available for pre-order from Uncut Mountain Press:

"This towering figure of Orthodox spiritual life and teaching, the boast of Thessaloniki and spokesman for the Holy Mountain of Athos, is well known to students of Orthodox theology for his defense of the Hesychasts and exposition of the teaching of the Fathers on the Divine Energies and Theosis. What is not known, and with regard to which there is often great ignorance, even among Orthodox theologians in the West, is that the great hesychast was also a great defender of the Faith and Dogma of the Holy Trinity and a strident polemicist against the heresy of the filioque.

Now the divine wisdom of the theologian of Grace applied and embraced by the Church for more than half a millennium is available in the English language for all lovers of the Holy Trinity to be edified and enlightened. For the first time, St. Gregory’s masterpiece, Apodictic Treatise on the Procession of the Holy Spirit, is available in English from Uncut Mountain Press."

Since its inception in 2000, Protopresbyter Peter Heers' Uncut Mountain Press has gained a solid reputation as a provider of Patristic and patristically-minded Orthodox texts, including The Truth of Our Faith by Elder Cleopa (Ilie), Apostle to Zaire: The Life and Legacy of Blessed Father Cosmas of Grigoriou, and St. Nikodemos the Hagiorite's Exomologetarion: A Manual of Confession, Concerning Frequent Communion, and Confession of Faith, among others.

The book can be pre-ordered now and will be available in February 2016.

25 сентября 2015 г.

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