Patriarch Kirill preaches among the Aleuts

Nikolskoye Village (Bering Island), September 17, 2010 - Interfax

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia first time in history of the Russian Orthodox Church visited the Komandor Islands, where he consecrated a place for building St. Nicholas Church on Bering Island at the only village existing there, and urged Aleuts and other local residents to search for support in faith, care for their health and to have big families.

In spite of the cold windy weather, several hundred people, almost the whole population of the island, welcomed the Primate. After the service the choir of the Moscow Sretensky Monastery, which is accompaning the Patriarch on his trip to the Far East, gave a small concert at the Patriarch's request of spiritual and secular music to Komandor residents at the consecrated church building site in the open air. Local residents were touched, they applauded and cried out words of gratitude.

"You must be very strong to live in this place, as there are many dangers to health, to the integrity of human personality. The fact that you live here proves that you are strong people," Patriarch Kirill said to the local residents.

"I'd like to bow low before all of you for your life here, for having families, for your work. All of Russia should know about your life as it is a wonderful model," the Primate said.


20 сентября 2010 г.

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