Coming soon - Valaam : Island of the Monks

June 6, 2012

François Lespes François Lespes
“Valaam, island of the monks”, is a documentary by François Lespes (French Documentary Director), about the Russian Orthodox monastery of Valaam, an island in Lake Ladoga, frozen in ice eight months a year.

The film is currently under production and will be aired for the first time on the french catholic TV (KTO) during the fall of 2012, and will be available with English subtitles.

François Lespes aims to familiarize the western audience with the treasure of Orthodox spirituality, in particular the Russian Orthodox Monasticism.


(FLV файл. Продолжительность 2 мин. Размер 5.3 Mb)

OCP News Service

6 июня 2012 г.

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