“Childfree” recognized as extremist by St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, February 15, 2013

Interfax has reported that the public prosecutor in St. Petersburg has ordered the social network “V kontakte” to block the webpages of the followers of “Childfree”. The prosecutor explained that they had received a petition mentioning a list of groups on the ‘V kontakte’ network, in which people who refuse to have children for ideological reasons “are encouraging a violation of the rights of minors”. An examination of the petition concerning observance of legislation by users of the ‘V kontakte’ site was carried out by the procurator of the central district of the northern capital.

“These groups were giving out extremely negative information, calling for illegal acts towards children and mothers, reported the procurator. In addition, the groups were spreading information rejecting family values and expressing disrespect for parents and other family members”.

In the view of the prosecutor, all this comes under the category of information harmful to the health or development of children in accordance with the federal law on “the protection of children from harmful information”.

“Following the results of the examination, a letter on the need to delete this information has been sent to the director of the limited liability company “V kontakte”, noted the prosecutor.

In the view of the citizens who addressed the petition to the procurator, a small group of aggressive members of “Childfree” are continually rudely abusing parents of large families, spreading intolerance for children as a whole and for family values.

“Childfree” groups have been set up on several social networks. Many experts consider that they are part of an international propaganda project to reduce the population and spread propaganda promoting a childless way of life. Among advocates of population reduction there are rich and influential individuals—for example Bill Gates, who annually invests considerable resources in spreading a childless way of life.


Translated for OrthoChristian.com

19 февраля 2013 г.

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