Albanian Separatists still call to violence, after 8 years

Belgrade, March 17, 2012

President of the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) Vojislav Kostunica said on Saturday that 8 years after the wave of violence against the Serbs in Kosovo, ethnic Albanian separatists were still calling to violence and threatening to use force to prevent elections in Kosovo.

"We want the democratic right to hold elections. Albanian separatists want violence. They thereby confirm once again that violence is the other name of the false state of Kosovo," Kostunica wrote in a statement for the media.

Commenting on the violence against the Serbs in Kosovo that started on March 17, 2004 and resulted in 19 deaths, Kostunica stressed that the international forces in Kosovo have not succeeded in finding and punishing the culprits of the March pogrom, killing of Serbs, burning of their homes and churches.

No one from the international community came on Saturday to commemorate the Serbs killed in the riots and condemn violence against them, which sends a message that violence against the Serbs, simply because they are Serbs, is allowed and will not be punished, he stated.

According to Kostunica, everything done so far to rob Serbia of Kosovo represents bare violence and the most flagrant breach of the legal foundation of the international system.

The Serbian Constitution is the last defence against losing Kosovo, which is why the document is a problem for everyone who wants to see Kosovo separated from Serbia, he concluded.


18 марта 2012 г.

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