The Erection of a Cross and Cupola on Cincinatti’s New St George Russian Orthodox Church

Diocese of Chicago and Mid-America, February 19, 2013

For more than a decade, the parishioners of St George Russian Orthodox Church in Cincinnati, OH, has been making plans, raising funds, and praying fervently in their efforts to build a new Church. On the feast of the Three Hierarchs (February 12 n.s.), those labors bore very tangible fruit: the cross and cupola were blessed and placed on the roof.

His Grace Bishop Peter of Cleveland, Administrator of the Diocese of Chicago and Mid-America, flew to Cincinnati to lead the service; he was joined by the clergy of St George Russian Orthodox Church: Protopriest Paul Bassett (Rector Emeritus); Priest Daniel Marshall (Rector); and Priest Pavel Akmolin. The parish choir sang the responses under the direction of Reader Lawrence Sander. A multitude of parishioners, both young and old, took time off work and school to participate in this joyous event. Though February in Cincinnati often means cold and snow, or at least wind and rain, the Lord blessed the day with sun, temperatures comfortably above freezing, and light wind – which made it possible to safely lift and place the 800-lb cross and cupola.

Preparation of the building site began last summer and the final building permit was issued at the start of October. Since then construction has progressed quickly despite some delays for winter weather. The 7,630 sq ft facility has a 3,360 sq ft hall connected to a 3,430 sq ft church with a 840 sq ft choir loft. God willing, the parish will move into the new building by early summer.

Though the parish has raised the necessary funds and obtained a loan to cover the construction costs of the $1.15-million complex, more support is needed. Occupancy permits will not be issued until $15,000 worth of landscaping has been completed. Flooring, cabinetry in the altar and church, as well as kitchen appliances and finishes are not fully funded. Prayers and financial support of this project are greatly appreciated.

Donations made be made via PayPal through the parish website:

Donations can also be mailed directly to the Church at:

St. George Russian Orthodox Church
4905 Myrtle Avenue Blue Ash, OH 45242

The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia

20 февраля 2013 г.

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