St. Tamar's Church under construction in Adygea celebrates its patronal feast

Maikop, April 28, 2015

Construction of the Church in honor of the Holy Right-Believing Queen Tamara of Georgia (+ 1207, feast: May 14 and the Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Women) has begun in Maikop. Maikop is the capital of Adygea—an autonomous republic in the Northwest Caucasus in Southwestern Russia, with a largely Muslim population.


While the church walls are currently being constructed, services are temporarily celebrated in a repaired trailer.

On the Sunday of the Holy Myrrh-Bearing Women by the grace of God and through the parishioners’ joint efforts the church celebrated its patronal feast already for the sixth time, reports the official website of the Maikop and Adygea Diocese.

The congregation had been preparing for this festival in advance, improving the church territory and making the festal meal.


In the evening of April 25 the Vigil service was celebrated with blessing of breads. On April 26, on the patronal feast, the Divine Liturgy was performed. The church rector, Priest Alexander Zvonchenko, served the Liturgy with Archpriest Oleg Mayorov concelebrating him. The seventh anniversary of priestly ordination of Father Alexander, celebrated at the same day, added to the solemnity of the festival. The parishioners together proclaimed the priest “Many years”. Archpriest Oleg cordially greeted Fr. Alexander on this anniversary and gave him an icon of the Savior.



28 апреля 2015 г.

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