Euthanasia analyzed at program in Moscow

Moscow, May 20, 2011

Participating in discussions on this burning issue were representatives of the health department of the Russian Federation, doctors, lawyers, and health organizations. Representing the Moscow Patriarchate was Deacon Roman Bogdasarov, reports the website of the department of Church and society interrelations of the Moscow Patriarchate.

In his presentation, Fr. Roman stated that “Euthanasia is based upon two key principles—betrayal and deceit… Instead of discussing and resolving how to give terminally ill patients the possibility of treatment with financial help from the government and international funds, the responsible government officials introduce a slackening in the sphere of legalization of euthanasia. Instead of offering them a struggle for life and health in any way possible, they propose it only be done within the limitations of the family budget, remembering the lovely solution: ‘No person, no problem’ [Stalin’s well-know motto —PR/OC].

Instead of developing centers for psychological and material support for the family of terminally or seriously ill patients, a ‘doctor death’ appears, and deceitfully pushes these people into betraying the most helpless member of the family.”

“A society that legalizes euthanasia is signing its own death sentence, because it is pushing out of its own heart the “centers of compassion and mercy,” which the seriously ill could become for the family and for all society. Without these centers, human existence is impossible in principle. Throw out the elderly from the megalopolis and reservations, kill the pathology together with the infant, give an injection to an invalid—could it really be that someone will breathe easier from all that?

“Probably the most terrible thing that could happen on Earth is an epoch of absolutely healthy and happy people—а time when the sick, the displeased, the suffering, or simply the doubting, will no longer exist on in the world. Then there will be no need to have patience and gratitude, to help anyone, support anyone, co-suffer with them, and give ourselves. But in such an epoch, people will neither have any one close to them. Remember what the Gospel parable said about the good Samaritan (Lk. 10:25–37): The Lord clearly shows we should not be seeking someone to be our good neighbor, but to be a good neighbor ourselves to others.

“The idea of prosperity for all on the Earth is incompatible with such a principle—after all, it is just not effective. You can’t save up enough medicine, money and resources for every sick person there is. But the mechanism of euthanasia—that is a super-effective method…” said Deacon Roman Bogdasarov.

20 мая 2011 г.

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