Patriarch Kirill: "If freedom violates the Divine plan, then it is not freedom, but slavery"

Moscow, March 30, 2014

"Destruction of traditional values today also affects interpersonal relations,” noted His Holiness Patriarch Kirill at the meeting with members of the "Women in business" All-Russian social organization. “We know that even the facts that a marriage means relations between a man and a woman and that a choice of gender is not an intellectual and volitional one, but a Divine choice, are now being disputed. Children are already being taught this. They are told: ‘You should choose yourself whether you are a boy or a girl’; that is, what was founded by God is being destroyed by people, ostensibly for the sake of freedom.

"But then, what is freedom like? If freedom ruins the Divine plan of the world and of mankind, then it is not freedom, but slavery. And we know that the devil enslaves a man, because the most dangerous captivity is to be not free from sin, when a person cannot live in accordance with his or her calling," stressed the Patriarch.

31 марта 2014 г.

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