Horlivka Diocesan Administration Shelled on the Day of the Baptism of Russia

Horlivka (the Ukraine), July 28, 2014


On July 28, on the Day of the Baptism of Russia, at about 10 AM the Horlivka[1] city center was shelled again.


One shell exploded on the territory of the Horlivka Diocesan Administration. None of the administration staff members were injured — the shelling took place during a service when everybody was at the cathedral. The watchman, who was in a utility room nearby, survived by a miracle.


But there were victims in the neighboring streets. A man was killed not far from the diocesan administration: his legs were torn off, reports the Horlivka and Sloviansk Diocesan website.


At the diocesan administration the external staircase and front of the two-story building were damaged, windows in a number of rooms were smashed, and the lawn fencing was crumpled. The gas pipe that runs through the administration territory was damaged as well. The neighboring five-story houses were also damaged by shells and shrapnel, and one of them caught fire.

The Church is praying for the speedy recovery of the injured and for repose of the souls of people who were killed – and that the fratricidal war end as soon as possible and inviolable peace reign. May the Lord strengthen the families to which disaster has come today. May God help all of us survive this time of troubles[2] and remain human beings.

29 июля 2014 г.

[1] Russian: Gorlovka

[2] the same words are used to refer to the Time of Troubles in 1598-1613

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