Icon of Mother of God in Sibiu, Romania begins weeping (+ VIDEO)

Moscow, April 4, 2017

Photo: Stirile Kanal D Photo: Stirile Kanal D

The faithful of the St. John-Jacob the Chozebite of Neamţ parish in Sibiu, Romania believe a miracle has taken place in their church. Many have personally testified that an icon of the Mother of God in the central Romanian parish has begun weeping just a few weeks before the great and radiant feast of Pascha, reports oradesibiu.ro.

Tears have begun streaming down the left cheek of the Theotokos. Word has spread and people have been coming in waves to venerate the holy image, tortured souls finding hope, and the sick finding healing. They pray before the icon as the tears begin to run, confirming the belief in their souls that God hears all prayers.

Fr. Catalin Dumitrean has testified that several people have found healing, including one young man with leukemia. Others, materially poor, with no money for their surgeries or transplants, have come seeking the aid of the Most-Pure Theotokos, pouring out the spiritual riches of their hearts. Miracles happen, Fr. Catalin says, only for those who have faith in their hearts. “Whenever someone, anyone asks the Mother of God for something with faith in their hearts, they will be heard!” he exclaimed.

The Mother of God “Indrumatoarea” icon was brought to the St. John-Jacob parish in 2012. It is a copy of the icon at Mihai Voda Monastery in Bucharest.

Divine sign or not, one thing is certain: The icon brings hope to the souls of those who could not find it anywhere else.

4 апреля 2017 г.

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florentina 5 апреля 2017, 02:00
Of fff ! MaI cut noastra iubita ! Nu ne lasa ! Speranta noastra!
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