Two Wahabi Ideologists Hiding in Turkey - Chechen President

Moscow, August 11, Interfax

Two renowned Wahabi ideologists, Isa Umarov and Shamsuddi Batukayev, are hiding in Turkey, the Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov said.

"Intelligence information indicates that Isa Umarov, one of the main ideologists of Wahhabism, and Shamsuddi Batukayev, the head of the Sharia court of "Ichkeria" and one of the main Wahabis, are hiding in Turkey," Kadyrov said in an interview to Azeri television.

"These people started all this, then escaped and are hiding there and are making efforts to spread Wahhabism and extremism from there," Kadyrov said.

Asked by Azeri journalists whether the leaders of illegal armed groups are receiving aid from Azerbaijan, Kadyrov replied that "this support does not exist today."

"It used to be, that's for sure. Our terrorists hid under the guise of refugees in Azerbaijan, in Turkey, and in other places," he said.

Kadyrov stressed that there is no political agenda in his words. "I don't make political statements. I am talking as a warrior fighting them," he said.

Kadyrov said he had met with the Azeri president while visiting Azerbaijan. "We discussed this issue, and I received answers to all of my questions," he said.

"Terrorists and extremists are not receiving support in Azerbaijan, and we are really grateful to this country's leadership for that," he said.

Interfax - Religiion

11 августа 2010 г.

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