The Archangel Michael Operated On Me!

By Archimandrite Daniel Sapikas

The following incident happened to Fr. Daniel Sapikas, a resident of Athens, an Archimandrite, and a noted physician.

On 22 April 1994 I was admitted to Eugenides Infirmary with 4.5 kg empyema in my right lung, with symptoms of absolute apnea, a weak gait, and a 41.5 °C (106 °F) fever, while I suffered an unexplained diabetic shock.

Through a cloud I watched and listened to what was happening in the operating room, and the suffering was great. As a physician, I understood very well how critical my condition was.

I knew that the statistical rate of the end (my death) was at about 95%. And I was not wrong. In fact, I was lenient in my own judgment, because the medical team, who consisted of John Belenis the director of Evangelismou, Professor Chrysostomos Melessinos director of the pulmonary clinic at Health Hospital, and Irene Batalis the anesthesiologist, were afraid to give me anesthesia for risk of stopping my heart due to my weight. They were talking loudly because they did not think I could hear their own words.

I heard them give me only a 2% chance of life!

"We will do what we can", I heard them say, "because the chance of life is minimal, with an estimation of death at 98%. Anyway, he is doomed!"

At that moment I felt alone, totally alone. With labor I did my cross and prayed to my patron, the Taxiarchae (Commander):

"My Taxiarchae, Archangel Michael, do not leave me, do not forsake me. Only you do I have now, and to you I entrust my life."

A metallic noise stopped my noetic prayer. I was afraid that with the movement of my hand I knocked over a tool, and I tried to turn my head towards the noise.

And then ... O my God!

The Archangel Michael, the Taxiarchae, with his armor and sword in his right hand, stood beside me, smiling and very much alive.

"Daniel, I am here", he told me. "I have not forsaken you. I protect you. I will perform the operation on you, and you will become well. Do not be afraid."

These were the words of the Archangel, and as he spoke he placed his sword to my breast.

Soon after Professor Belenis came in. "Let us pray together Fr. Daniel", he said to me, "and with the help of God all will be good."

And so it truly went!

The operation was successful. The hand of the doctor was guided by the Archangel. I am certain of this. He once again gave me life as it began to leave from within me.

21 ноября 2013 г.

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Храм Новомученников Церкви Русской. Внести лепту
mary bongiorno24 января 2014, 13:00
I love it we need in these times this kind of witness. With all I and my family have been through the cruelst is the lose of inocence. We once all even though Orthodox prayed the Saint Michael Orayer every time we passed A church,catholic or Orthodox,for the Father had taught us to love the good from our liveves and leave the bad. somehow we all fired that Saint Michael's prayer and the Lord'a Prayer when trouble arose,now sadly most od us have lost this faith due reasons beyound our ability to understand and spiritual stull that is of no reasonable since to any of us and harmful. Detail is not necessary,I am Orthodox and believe in the words we sing on Pashca and Theophany and I do serve a judas goat for a god. I serve Christ,Mary Thank you for A return to sweetness od the heart if brief or through God's grace this be an end to this apostasy,I pray in my Lord's name Our Father,Amen servant of Christ mary
Yelena 24 ноября 2013, 05:00
That is an amazing story!
Aleksandar 22 ноября 2013, 21:00
Slava Bogu Our loving God is Alive and he is working through all his Saints and Angels
Lise22 ноября 2013, 11:00
Glory to God!
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