100-150 churches to be built in “new Moscow” within the next ten years

Moscow, June 5, 2014

Plans have been made to build 100-150 new Orthodox churches In the Troitsk and Novomoskovsk administrative districts of “new Moscow” within the next decade, reports Interfax-Religion, citing the statement of Vladimir Resin, the State Duma deputy and adviser of His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.

“Construction of several churches on the new territories of Moscow has already been started. I feel certain that a large-scale building of churches will begin here as well as in the historical part of the capital. I believe that 100-150 churches may appear here over ten years,” V. Resin said.

He has explained that these will be modular churches similar to those which are currently being built in Moscow as part of the construction of 200 churches program.


9 июня 2014 г.

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Editor18 октября 2016, 17:00
It could also be put this way: Let's take the statistics for Moscow, where these new churches are actively being built. The percentage of Muscovites regularly attending church goes up to 5% as opposed to the supposed 2% of all Russia. There are 12.19 million people living in Moscow. 5% of that is that is, 609,500 people. There are currently 570 churches and chapels in Moscow. This means that if you were to have everyone of these people in church on a given day, evenly divided among churches, that would be 1068 people in every church. On major feast days, the percentage of attendance goes way up. So, even modest statistics show that more churches are needed. But if you ever come to a church in Moscow on a major feast day and stand literally shoulder to shoulder with the massive congregation, you will have no further doubt, even without statistics.
Daniel18 октября 2016, 12:00
Well, a big reason why so few attend church on a regular basis is because Russia still has very few churches compared to its population, so that in some areas (especially those urban areas built during the Soviet period) you need to commute for an hour or more to reach the nearest church. Many more people go to church when they actually have a church in their neighborhood. That is the reason for this building program (and others like it).
Mike17 октября 2016, 17:00
This great, but what are you going to do with all these churches when the latest statistics show less than 2% of Russians attend churches on regular basis?
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