Venerable Nikoloz, Radiant Star of the Georgians (†1308)

Memory 3 (16) November

Saint Nikoloz was the author of many church services, but little else about his life is known.He lived in the second half of the 13th century, and the last years of his life coincided with the reign of King Vakhtang III (1298, 1302–1308), the son of the holy king Demetre the Devoted.

St. Nikoloz was one of the greatest hymnographers and spiritual figures of his time, but few of his works have been preserved. Catholicos Anton I writes that Nikoloz composed numerous canons and services, including a “Canon of Supplication for Rain.” St. Nikoloz enriched the spiritual literature of Georgia with his translations as well. Scholars and historians believe that, as the greatest liturgist of his time, he was probably asked to translate many prayers and services from Greek to Georgian. Among them, they believe, was the “Canon for the Blessing of Holy Water.”

The famous 19th-century historian Platon Ioseliani writes that other church services belonging to the pen of St. Nikoloz are included among the manuscripts of the Iveron Monastery on Mt. Athos.

St. Nikoloz reposed peacefully in the year 1308.

Thou didst glorify the Holy Trinity and emulate the angels, and thou art ranked among the saints, O thrice-blessed Father Nikoloz. We praise and glorify thee, who art the protector and preserver of those who celebrate thy holy name!

Archpriest Zakaria Machitadze

19 ноября 2007 г.

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