Patriarch Ilia II asks media to stop traumatizing people with crime news

Tbilisi, September 29, 2014

At the Holy Trinity Cathedral Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II of All Georgia addressed his flock with a Sunday sermon, singling out the journalists and “the establishment”, asking them to stop spreading death propaganda, reports PIA.


“Nearly every day there are reports that one man killed another man, a son put his parents to death, parents murdered their children, and many similar incidents. And all this is shown as something necessary. I would like to address myself to our press, our television, to our respected journalists and our government: When we give coverage to such negative events, we traumatize our people.

“We give an example that this grave sin may be committed as well. So, perhaps we can find a way to report all these killings as rarely as possible,” said Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II of All Georgia.

“When we inform our youth, our children about killing, we give them an example that it is permissible. That is why we must cherish our people. When our people see these murders, look almost every day at wars and killings, this plunges them into a terrible stress. And that is why we must not do it.

“But, as you know, there is good in the world. Many good deeds are done everywhere, including in our country.

“Let us tell people about the good, console our people, encourage them to do good. Doing good things gives us strength and hope for the future. I hope we will finally come to understand who we are. Our nation is chosen by God. If this were not true, the Lord would not have granted us so many blessings!”

1 октября 2014 г.

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Храм Новомученников Церкви Русской. Внести лепту
A. Geerdes 4 октября 2014, 20:00
And, as a corollary, he should encourage everyone to turn off the TV! Ignore the mainstream media! Don't let yourselves be manipulated by the media in any country. Pray. Read books. Attend church. Play games with your children or grandchildren. Take a meal to your unemployed neighbors. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. There are a zillion things to do to build up your communities.
reader Feodor Dumas 3 октября 2014, 05:00
About that kind of news, Solzhenitsyn once said that he demanded the right NOT to know. Every news is not worth to be disclosed.
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