24 hour Medical Help Center for flood victims opened by Church in Krymsk

Krymsk, Russia, July 17, 2012

On July 12, 2012  the Flood Victims Help Center has opened a 24-hour Medical Aid Unit to provide quality service and consultations for the citizens of Krymsk and its suburbs. The Help Center was organized by the Russian Orthodox Church on the territory of St. Michael the Archangel Church. The service is provided by a certified physician who has all of the required equipment and medicines. Another general practitioner is going to join him in the near future, reports the Synod Information Department .

“Since the time the tragedy occurred many citizens have addressed us seeking medical help", says Archpriest Sergey Karpetc of the Novorossiysk District. "We have tried to help the victims on an essential level in our paramedic aid division. Now with the opening of the 24-hour Medical Aid Unit we have the ability to provide help to a bigger number of flood victims.”

The Flood Victims Help Center was opened on the territory of St. Michael the Archangel Church on the same day the tragedy happened. The victims are getting the continuous needed help – food supplies and clothes are distributed, the mobile kitchen serves hot meals, psychological and counseling services are available. Special groups are organized that deliver food, water, medicines and hygiene supplies to the victims’ houses. In just one day, July 11, 40 tons of humanitarian aid was received , 37 tons of which was distributed that day. In a 24-hour period the food provisions distribution for 2000 of Krymsk citizens was organized; over 2 tons of hot meals were served. On July 12, 300 tons of humanitarian help were delivered. The aid is still being distributed among the Krymsk citizens providing relief to people affected by the disaster.

Church help donations in Moscow are organized at the address: 19 Leninskaya Sloboda st, Bldg 6. The donation center is open from 11am till 9pm. Phone number: 901-593-97-58. The list of the needed items is posted and updated at www.miloserdie.ru

The Department of The Church Charity and Social Service of Moscow Patriarch

Press secretary: Vasilyi Rulinskiy +7-926-2462682  


Press Center of Ekaterinodar and Kuban Eparchy, archpriest Trifon (Plotnikov) ) +7 918 098 4111  

E-mail: arh-trifon@yandex.ru

17 июля 2012 г.

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