Church at Russian Monastery of Myrrhbearing Women burns

Moscow, January 30, 2017

Photo: Photo:

On Wednesday, January 25, a fire broke out at the Monastery of the Myrhhbearing Women in Klykovo, Russia, 150 miles southwest of Moscow.

The fire caused considerable damage, but, thanks be to God, all are alive and no one was hurt, as reported on the Russian social media site VKontakte by a parishioner of the monastery.

The sister’s housing and dairy workshop burned in addition to the church, with everything inside it. The altar table, antimens, relics of many saints, Church utensils, vestments, books, documents, and personal items were all lost, as well as winter food supplies and a refrigerator and freezer.

Photo: Photo:
The roof of the church had just been finished in the summer, including new cupolas.

The founder and spiritual father of the monastery is Elder Iliy (Nozdrin) of Optina Monastery, a renowned elder in Russia today and the spiritual father to the patriarch.

Donations have already been received for purchasing clothing for the nuns, bed linens, towels, and groceries. “It is a great consolation for Matushka and the sisters that there are so good people who don’t just remain on the sidelines when seeing others’ misfortunes,” writes Katerina Viktorovna on VKontakte.

A new church will need to be built, as it was the only one of the monastery, and a new place for the sisters to live.

For any who may be able, donations can be made using the following banking information:

Account Number 40817810638255216314

Bank Identification Code 044525225

Moscow Bank of Sberbank of Russia Moscow

cor.Sch. 3010180400000000225

Code for Purpose of Donation 773601001

Taxpayer Identification Number 7707083893

Russian Business and Organization Classification 57972160

Main State Registration Number 1027700132195

Legal address: 117997, Moscow, Vavilova 19

Postal address: 109555, Moscow, ulitsa B. Andronevskaya 6

Elder Iliy serving at the monastery. Photo: Elder Iliy serving at the monastery. Photo:

30 января 2017 г.

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