Excerpts from Sermons: "We came into this world to become similar to God"

Source: St. Elizabeth Convent

January 21, 2017


Father Sergius Nezhbort

Every person is called for something, but it is not always something significant and great. Perhaps, we are not famous musicians or writers, not architects, but average simple people, who have a certain purpose – the purpose of our life. Let it be something simple – you can sweep with a wisp, wash plates or care for children, but what is important is that you should do it as good as if it was the main thing in your life, and give it all your power and inner resources. (After the Divine Liturgy on November 23, 2016)


There is a dichotomy in us, Christians. On the one hand, we live a normal everyday life, which does not differ from other people’s lives. And in this life we often face some human weaknesses and disadvantages. On the other hand, we have touched another life with a part of our soul body. And this life has beaten us. You know, once a modern poet said the words: “I am wounded with a light arrow, and no one can heal me”. Perhaps, our hearts are also wounded by the arrow of God’s love.


If today we see our personal weaknesses or cannot find anything good in ourselves at all, then it is not as bad as it may seem. The main thing is that we should look forward, that we do not give up, but wait and hope for changes. The same is with the weather: it can be cloudy one day, another day, for a week… In our region such weather can last even for several months. But we know that spring will finally come, so we can see the sun. The same point is applicable in our life – if we endure all the troubles and falls, if we do not turn from God, then the sun will shine in us as well. (After the Divine Liturgy on November 30, 2016)

Father Andrew Lemeshonok

The modern world is based on advertising. To make people pay attention to something, to thrill them, you need to find a sensation and something bright. But in the Christian life everything is quiet and peaceful. The more quiet a person is, the less attention a person demands, the humbler a person behaves, then the more grateful to God he is, the stronger the Holy Spirit supports him. The Holy Spirit is a Quiet Light. The Quiet Light of God’s love.

Elder Ambrose of Optina said: know yourself, and that will be enough for you. We do not know ourselves, but assume that we know all the rest. We want to know everything! Why? What do we need to know everything for? What is this burden of knowledge for? People are overloaded with information. Nothing new will happen, because everything has happened already. Christ has come to this world, and His love saved humanity, defeated death. That is it! What else do we need? Which news? We just need to live with Christ and carry our personal cross till the very end. He that endureth to the end shall be saved (Matthew, 10:22). (After the Divine Liturgy on October 24, 2016)

Father George Glinsky

To help a person and to support him, at least by word, if we have no possibility to do more for him, is far more precious than any sacrifices and burnt offerings. (After the evening service on October 24, 2016)


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23 января 2017 г.

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