Greek metropolitan sharply criticizes Tsipras’ speech at funeral of Fidel Castro

Athens, December 5, 2016


Metropolitan Ambrose of Kalavryta and Aigialeia wrote on Thursday an open letter to Prime Minister Tsipras, condemning him for comparing the 1821 Greek Revolution with the 1959 Cuban Civil War, which he called a national crime and shame, simultaneously criticizing the extravagance of the Prime Minister’s “unnecessary” trip to Cuba, reports Russian Athens. (According to the presidential palace, the Prime Minister’s Cuba trip cost 22,900 euros, but according to the newspaper Ta Nea it was no less than $300,000.)

In particular, he writes: “As reported by the mass media, you said the following blasphemous words: ‘Freedom or death was the slogan of the Greek Revolution of 1821. Patria o muerte [Motherland or death] was the slogan of the Cuban Revolution of 1959.’ In other words, you equated the 1821 Greek Revolution with its nearly 400-year slavery befallen our ancestors at the hands of the Turkish invaders, with the Cuban Revolution which was an internal, Communist revolution of a few Cuban Communists and their leader Fidel Castro against Batista, the president of the country, and their Cuban compatriots.”

The metropolitan characterized Tsipras’ laudatory Cuban speech as criminally inappropriate, then as if in address to Comandante Fidel Castro, among other things noted that he “was known for his amorality, considering that he erotically ‘cuddled’ several hundred women.”

Finishing his letter, Metropolitan Ambrose upbraided himself for greeting Tsipras at the time of his oath with the words: “Hello, wonderful young Prime Minister.”

Translated by Jesse Dominick

5 декабря 2016 г.

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ChiRho 7 декабря 2016, 19:00
Greece is blessed to have Metropolitan Ambrose who seems so willing to speak the truth. I hope the Greeks are listening.
carla vites 6 декабря 2016, 16:00
Happy to hear some Christian at least is not fearing to say the Truth! In our Catholic Church that-by now-is a mere dream.... Let pray to us Carla
Anthony 5 декабря 2016, 20:00
Well Tsipraki will soon be on his way out and we'll all be looking forward to the next clown cum puppet on the EU strings to take control of the Motherland, so His Eminenence shouldn't concern himself too much.
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